If your dog barks excessively, we have good news. We present you a new bark control method, an alternative educational solution specially adapted to your dog’s needs. The PetSafe® Sound Tone Anti-Boat Collar is unlike any other collar on the market.

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 This unique type of anti-slip collar uses SoundBurst™ technology to detect your dog’s barking and immediately emits a sound (resembling an aeorsol spray can) to distract your dog from barking. The sound-resistant collar will not be activated by another dog’s bark or by loud outside noise, as the dual-detection technology of this collar detects both vibration and sound before it activates. The audible signal anti-barking collar discourages barking quickly and for a long time, and offers real results. In fact, 70% of users find that their dog barks less only a few days after wearing the audible signal collar. Your pet deserves the best treatment. PetSafe® helps keep your pet healthy, happy and safe.
The audible signal collar is a safe, human and effective way to fight your dog’s unwanted barking. As with any behavioral tool, using this product in addition with positive training techniques can result in an excellent experience.
Essential Features :
-10 levels of automatic duration adjustment of the sound stimulation will help teach your dog to stop excessive barking
-Waterproof ( your dog can wear it anywhere, in any weather)
-Indoor and outdoor use
-Fast charging (including USB charger) and up to 40 hours of battery life
-Suitable for most dogs over 3.6 kg
-The system includes
-Audible anti-barking Collar
-USB Charger
-Quick Start Guide

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