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Here you will find all other resale articles like display units (shelves, stands) and car accessories (dogs barriers and transport harnesses).

  • Boutique displays
    Improve the presentation of resale items ion boutiques and salons with our displays
  • Car accessories
    Going for a ride ? Check these car accessories (dog barriers, security belt,
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  • E 0100 Chihuahua - Black - 12 x 4 cm E 0102 White - Red - 40 x 13,5 cm E 0103 Black - Grey - 40 x 13,5 cm

  • Leash - 0,70 to 110 cm x 25 mm

  • These nylon covers are the ideal protection for cars.

  • In order to overcome height differences. Suits to dogs recovering from accident or aged dogs with arthritis issues. Foldable - easy to store  Very resistant Suits to dogs up to 90 kg Non-slip covering 154 x 39 x 70 cm

  • Harness developed in order to insure safety and comfort for the dog during car trips as well as dog walking. Quick set up. With the belt or with the clasp. Soft padding, made of neopren which recovers all the contact areas, particulary the breast.  Exists in 4 differents sizes (see "more info" tab)

  • IdealDog Security leash car belt with a universal security buckle Width of 20 mm Length from 0,55 to 0,70 m.

  • upper in polyacrylic, underside in Nylon. Plaid for trunk car, protect your trunk from hair and dirt. Very easy to use, very strong material and waterproof. Dimensions : 150 x 120 cm

  • Made of metal, the display will enable you to present 18 shampoos and 6 sprays, that is to say 9 different references. Counter display or wall-mounted. SOLD EMPTY.

  • Adjustable dog partition with angled feet for saloon cars.Made of 2 horizontal metal elements.See "More info" tab for dimensionsWelded model in lacquered tub.

  • Adjustable dog partition with straight feet for estate cars.Made of 3 metal elements : 2 horizontals and 1 vertical.See "More info" tab for dimensionsWelded model in lacquered tub.

  • Display with 3 baskets levels to highlight items in a grooming salon or pet shop. Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 107 cm

  • Display with 4 bar levels (2 with simple metal rod and 2 with double metal rod)to highlight items in a grooming salon or pet shop. Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 178 cm

Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items