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  • Biogance Detangling Lotion
    Biogance Detangling Lotion

    This detangling lotion is formulated with oat milk and lemon balm...

  • Biogance No rinse Foam
    Biogance No rinse Foam

    This cleaning foam is specially based on extracts of Laminaria Algae and...

  • Cat Shampoo
    Cat Shampoo

    Based on essential oil of Siberian pine and sage extract. Its natural...

  • Puppy Shampoo
    Puppy Shampoo

    Based on sage essential oil and cherry blossom extract. Thanks to its...



Agility and other training products

Here you will find all other training products such as Agility articles, clickers or whistles.

  • Agility
    Products for the pratice of Dog Agility. Jumping set, slalom poles and hurdle
  • Training accessories
    All other products for dog educators and trainers (clickers, whistles, leads couples
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  • Ideal silicone pouch to keep your pet’s treats. This 100% silicone pouch attaches to your belt by using the clip on the back of the pouch. Two magnets to close the pouch. Water resistant."

  • Get that perfect dog picture! The clip attaches to the phone and at the end you can clip on dog treats. Getting your dog to sit still (even if it's only for 5 seconds) has never been easier! The Dog Treat Selfie Clip is easy to use and can keep your dog still and looking at the camera long enough for you to get that perfect shot! 

  • Agility tunnel - nylon on spiral frame diam 60 cm x 5 m 

  • Agility completed kit Kerbl - in 3 parts with a ring, a jump bar and slalom poles.

  • The goal is to catch the dog's attention as soon as he has an unwanted behavior. Attracts the dog's attention as soon as he has an unwanted behavior. Corrects unwanted barkibg, prevents the dog from jupping, stealing food...

  • Soft nylon lined for a firm and comfortable hold, except for the light puppy model : the strap is not doubled and the carabiner is smaller and lighter, so that the puppy is not embarrassed in its progres.

  • Highly visible and designed to float in the water. Versatile tool to teach the dog to report. The weight of each product is specified for the training of hunting dogs. 

  • The rope handle allows you to throw it away very easily. Once the dog has brought you the Retriever, you can open the compartment and reward your dog.  Fleet on the water, plastic tube covered with resistant canvas, lenght 17 cm, diameter 6 cm. 

  • The soft foam ball at the end of stick gives the dog a clear visual guide to basic obedience commands like "Sitting" or "Laying", but it is also an invaluable tool for learning advanced tricks.  Telescopic stick, easy transport in a pocket or in a candy bag. 

  • L0201 : Whip l0202 : Strap

Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items