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Dry shampoos

Dry shampoos for pets that can not be bathed. Clean them without using water
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  • Sprays a fine powder that whitens and brings the shine back to white coats. It’s also a dry shampoo and deodorizer.Recommended for all white coats(Westie, Bichon...). Available in 300ml or 500ml spray bottle.

  • Cleaning foam for dogs and cats that should not be wet or washed (sick or convalescent). The foam remains on the surface of the coat and does not wet the skin too much. Based on plant extracts, honeysuckle and nasturtium, this foam cleans and deodorises effectively. Does not rinse off.   100 ml bottle.

  • This lotion can be used with any dog or cat but more particularly with animals who should not be washed. Made withhoneysuckle, this lotion gently cleanses in depth and deodorizes the fur. No need to rinse. 500 ml bottle with pump system.

  • Professional dry shampoo for dogs in 300ml spray. This plant-based product effectively absorbs water and excess oil in the coat. It cleans and leaves a pleasant scenton fur.

  • This grooming dry shampoo is ideal for dogs and cats that cannot be bathed, this lotion softly cleanses hair without rinsing. Soft cleanser. Paraben Free. Available in 250ml spray and 1 liter bottle.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items