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Discover our selection of brushes for professionnal groomers, in various sizes and for all uses

  • Classic brushes
    A selection of good old and simple grooming brushes for dogs and cats
  • Slicker brushes
    All slickers brushes by Idealdog, Lawrence and Universal. Available in many sizes
  • Small-sized brushes
    Classic and slickers brushes of small sizes for small dogs, puppies and kittens
  • Medium-sized brushes
    Some slicker brushes for the grooming of medium breeds of dogs
  • Large-sized brushes
    All the large-sized brushes (classic or slicker), for the grooming of large dogs
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  • Ideal brush for your pet's daily maintenance . It removes dead hair, as well as knots and dirt. Dimensions : 19CM PEARLED PINS- HEAD 12*7CM

  • Self-cleaning card with semi-hard pins ideal for detangling. 

  • Thanks to their flexible pins these brushes are designed to ensure the animal's comfort and avoid pain and irritation. With their semi-hard pins, they are efficient in removing knots, dead hair and also to stimulate healthy hair growth, while being easy to use and clean. These brushes are suitable for all types of hair. Their ergonomic handle ensures...

  • Finishing Combo Double. REDUCE YOUR BRUSHING TIME BY 50%.

  • The Gold face gently removes undercoat where needed and then you can flip it over and use the Soft Green Finishing face to complete the job. This soft COMBO is an excellent brush to recommend to Home Groomers that need a more forgiving brush, but still need the benefits of a professional grade brush. REDUCE YOUR BRUSHING TIME BY 50%.

  • For long, dense coats with moderate to heavy undercoat, hard pind. REDUCE YOUR BRUSHING TIME BY 50%.

  • Super soft finishing brush for long, silky coats and short, dense coats with little or no undercoat.  REDUCE YOUR BRUSHING TIME BY 50%.

  • Soft all-around FINISHING brush and light dematting. REDUCE YOUR BRUSHING TIME BY 50%. 

  • Firm all around Finishing brush, also for lightly matted coats. When you look at the face of THE Firm Flex Purple FlexIt® Finishing brush you will notice two very specific traits.  REDUCE YOUR BRUSHING TIME BY 50%. 

  • Hard pins - Ultimate brush for all detangling needs. REDUCE YOUR BRUSHING TIME BY 50%

  • This slicker brush with extra long pins specially made for long, dense coat detagling. The medium size allows you to get to those hard to reach places. The pins are hard so that even the most difficult knots can be removed without any problems. 

  • This slicker brush with long and hard pins, specially made for longs and curly coats.

Showing 1 - 12 of 77 items