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Growing Calcium

Growing Calcium ensures an optimal and balanced development of the skeleton

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  • BARF control holds all the vitamins, minerals and calcium necessary for dogs fed exclusively with raw meat (BARF), to ensure the proper functioning of their body.

  • Growth food supplement for kittens. Specially designed to promote your kitten's healthy and optimal growth. With vitamins, taurine, calcium, biotin, omega 3 & 6. Tube of 100 gr

  • Contain 24% of calcium, 8% of phosphorus and minerals (ZINC, IRON, MANGANESE, IODINE, COPPER, SELENIUM). Vitamins free. The growing calcium regulates the deficiencies due to an excessive intake of vitamins. From 6 to 24 months. Growing calcium ensures an optimal and balances development of the skeleton and healthy teeth. 

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items