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  • Splash Water Resistant (Philips) bulb.  L0293 : 250 W bulb L0290 : 150 W bulb

  • Rubber mat for whelping box which allows the bitch and its puppies not to slide. Easy care 4 differents sizes (see details for dimensions).

  • Bracket for infra-red light to maintain the heat in the envrionment. Adjustable simple arm.

  • The Technivet whelping box range ensure comfort for the bitch and its puppies. Closed space for their safety.Made with PVC pannels and aluminium lining for an easy maintenance. Box with metal corner brackets, 3 PVC doors to close the whelping box on different heights. Easy to assemble with screws - Can be disassembled after being used. 4 differents...

  • Breeder and veterinary beeding made of polyester fibres on a double weft. Resistant even for wrecker dogs. for newborn puppies or kittens, dry and warm (liquids are sponged by the carpet which stays dry in surface). 4 differents sizes (see details for dimensions).

  • Splash water resistant bulb. Available in 2 watts: L0293 : 250w L0290 : 150w

  • 2 metres chain. Insulating socket.

  • The puppy bowl allows thanks to its shape a simple use (puppies do not lie down in the bowl).

  • Maternity special feeder for breeders of puppies and kittens with 6 stainless steel bowls. Plastic bowl stand which can be cleaned with desinfectant. Light, stable and resistant to bites. Removable stainless stell transport handle. Piled up feeders for an easier storage. Available in 2 sizes.

  • Fed up to have your number which"dangles" on your safety pin? Opt for this PVC armband to give to your binomial dog/ master the best presentation. Armband with transparent pocket to put rouy participant's number.

  • To mesure dog, cat or whichever animals. in one piece, chrome-plated, measure chest and withers. Simplified reading. Chest graduation from 8 to 91 cm. Withers graduation from 10 to 91cm.

Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items