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Foldable cages and parks

Savic is a leader in foldable cages and parks with their famous Dog Residence and Dog Cottage
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  • Bike Basket + Luggage rack wicker metal Size : 35 x 49 x 55 cm

  • Front basket for bike. Size : 50 x 41 x 35 cm

  • Puppy and dog show cage that allows animals to be positioned high and stay dry. The height of the floor panel is adaptable, so it can be placed higher for puppies and small breeds and lower for large breeds. 3 sizes available.

  • Shade sail made from a unique aluminium fabric that reflects heat and sunlight. The weave allows for optimal air flow, keeping your animals cool and ventilated. Ideal for covering cages and crates. Can also be used for dog shows or camping, the perfect solution for shade!

  • The best way for your pets to travel "cool". This fan protects your animals during the high heat that can be fatal. It is portable so it can be attached to the cage fence.

  • Recommended for training puppies but also adult dogs, the indoor cage is becoming more and more successful. You will be able to leave home without worries. Get your dog used to gradually taming his crate and very quickly it will become his lair. Be careful to never leave your dog in a cage for more than 3 or 4 hours.

  • This cage consists of two M size cages at the top and one L size cage at the bottom. It is made of stainless steel. It provides a healthy environment for animals waiting for care. Very practical self-locking locking system. The lower L cage can be divided into two cages.

  • This very solid metal barrier is ideal to prevent access to all rooms in the house including the kitchen and bedrooms. It can be used across corridors, doors or stairwells. 

  • Puppy park with a width of 61 cm including one of the panels is a door. Park with rings on hinges and a rod in a circle finish. Quick set up. Easily transportable with a removable handle provided. It is perfect for traveling, dog show beauty, or if you want to move quickly. It occupies a circle of 4.80 meters. Good resistance to corrosion....

  • Metal foldable transport crate hammered folding finish for dog and cat. Pan inclined front with door, removable ABS plastic bottom and plastic handle. Corrosion resistance. To install in the trunk. Secure offer and protection during your trips. 2 different sizes available (see details for dimensions)

Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items