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  • Buffalo skin stick that satisfies the dog's desire to chew. Effective for oral hygiene, fights tartar and bad breath.

  • Buffalo skin bone that satisfies the dog's desire to chew. Effective for oral hygiene, fights tartar and bad breath.

  • Rawhide wrapped in chicken meat. Chewing sticks, supports dental hygiene." 3 sizes available.

  • Bone snack wrapped in chicken breast. Contains 61% meat. Supports dental hygiene.

  • Treats made of beef and duck skin. Ideal for rewards or snacks. Beef skin 60%, contains 33% meat.

  • Lamb and chicken treats. Ideal for rewards or snacks. Contains 56% meat.

  • Dried chicken and turkey wings are 100% natural. These treats are suitable for all breeds of dogs. The dehydrated wings are crispy and tasty, providing a healthy snack that your pet will love.

  • Matatabi is a plant that belongs to the same family as the kiwi and grows in Asia, especially in China and Japan. The small dried branches of this plant have a very special effect on cats. They contain a substance that cats love and that helps them to relax. 10 pieces. 

  • The delicately dried soft beef is a pure natural product without artificial colours or preservatives. Made from beef lung, this dog treat is very digestible and rich in protein.

  • The BUBIMEX Seafood treats are made in snacks with the tastes of the sea. At the same time 100% natural and easy to digest. Rich in protein, Omega 3 and calcium, BUBIMEX dried fish contributes to healthy skin and coat, as well as to healthy bone growth. 100% dried fish

  • This 100% natural treat, without preservatives or colorant, makes your companion happy. The Beef Mask is the face skin of beef rolled into a stick. It is ideal to maintain their dentition. Produced in Europe

  • Bubimex treats are made from 100% Norwegian salmon skin. This natural treat rich in natural omega-3 and fatty acids is low in calories. Very appetizing, this snack will make your dog happy 100% salmon skin 60g

Showing 1 - 12 of 125 items