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Grooming Clippers, Blades and Combs

In this category you will find the best professional grooming clippers sorted by brands (Andis, Moser, Oster, Wahl) and by types. And as well their accessories, blades and combs.

  • Professional Clippers
    Professional clippers for groomers and breeders. Wahl, Moser, Andis, Oster
  • Semi-pro Clippers
    The semi-professional clippers suit to occasional or moderate use and finishes
  • Cordless Clippers
    The cordless grooming clippers bring great comfort. Their autonomy offers several working hours. Learn more about them in their datasheets
  • Spare parts and accessories
    Find all the parts and accessories for clippers in our catalog and everything you need for their maintenance (ultrasonic cleaner, lubricant ...)
  • Andis clippers and blades
    Andis offers a wide range of professional grooming clippers and blades, for all budgets and uses
  • Moser clippers and blades
    Moser clippers are semi-pro and pro grooming clippers that fit moderate and intensive uses
  • Oster clippers and blades
    Oster is worldwidely famous for the quality of their grooming clippers, like the Golden A5/A6 range
  • Phoenix clippers and blades
    Phoenix Universal manufactures clippers for larges dogs, sheeps, horses and cattle shearing. Their blades are compatible with a wide range of other clippers, for a really interesting price.
  • Wahl clippers and blades
    Wahl is one of the largest manufacturers of grooming clippers in the world. They offer a wide range of clippers for all uses (intensive or occasional grooming, cordless
  • Aesculap clippers and blades

    Aesculap offers a wide range of professional grooming clippers and blades.

  • Trimmer
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  • Professional finishing trimmer that works on battery or sector. Silent and powerful. Lithium-integrated battery Autonomy up to 90 minutes and ultra-fast charging (60 minutes). Comes with a stainless steel clipper and adjustable from 0.7mm to 3 mm (not sharpenable). Weight : 300g

  • Very powerful clipper, silent, reliable and robust, made for daily professional use. The motor and its ball bearing system is durable. A venting system reduces overheating during intensive use. Easy to clean air filter Specifications: Weight approx. 650 g Power 35 Watts Noise level 70 dBA Cord 4 m Cutting velocity 2300 / min

  • Extremely robust, for an intensive and continuous use. 45 watt motor, ergonomically designed, its weight is well balanced and has an anti-slip surface for a better handling. Its light weight makes it even easier !

  • Waterproof two-speed motor clipper with 3,000/3,800 strokes per minute delivered with: - A head n°10 - An oscillating lever - A bottle of oil

  • ANDIS AGC 2-SPEED brushless clipper Waterproof two-speed motor clipper with 2,300/3,400 strokes per minute delivered with: - A head n°10 - An oscillating lever - A bottle of oil

  • Clipper especially useful for small areas such as paws and snout. - very good cutting performance thanks to the clipper’s blade made of special steel alloy (carbon steel) - fits perfectly in the hand thanks to its narrow shape - lightweight, weighs only 115 g, including battery and blade - operates without noise and vibration

  • Original accessory to always have your clipper at hand. Adaptable with all WAHL clippers.

  • Original accessory to always have your clipper at hand. Adaptable with all WAHL clippers.

  • These 100% silicone anti-slip rings will ensure you a safe and secure excellent handling. Its elasticity gives it an adaptation on all types of clippers. Dimensions: 3.7cm diameter - 1.5cm height Available in 3 colours: Green, pink and black

  • Thanks to its small size, it can be easily handled and allows you to groom your pet easily and efficiently. Supplied with battery and blade.

  • Tête de coupe pour tondeuse BRAVURA de haute précision avec revêtement carbone très longue durée, extrême dureté et surface ultra résistante à l’usure. Ses propriétés sont similaires au diamant. Possède un système de changement rapide et un réglage de la longueur de coupe de 0,7 à 3mm. Facile d’entretien.

Showing 1 - 12 of 245 items