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Grooming Clippers, Blades and Combs

In this category you will find the best professional grooming clippers sorted by brands (Andis, Moser, Oster, Wahl) and by types. And as well their accessories, blades and combs.

  • Professional Clippers
    Professional clippers for groomers and breeders. Wahl, Moser, Andis, Oster
  • Semi-pro Clippers
    The semi-professional clippers suit to occasional or moderate use and finishes
  • Cordless Clippers
    The cordless grooming clippers bring great comfort. Their autonomy offers several working hours. Learn more about them in their datasheets
  • Spare parts and accessories
    Find all the parts and accessories for clippers in our catalog and everything you need for their maintenance (ultrasonic cleaner, lubricant ...)
  • Andis clippers and blades
    Andis offers a wide range of professional grooming clippers and blades, for all budgets and uses
  • Moser clippers and blades
    Moser clippers are semi-pro and pro grooming clippers that fit moderate and intensive uses
  • Oster clippers and blades
    Oster is worldwidely famous for the quality of their grooming clippers, like the Golden A5/A6 range
  • Phoenix clippers and blades
    Phoenix Universal manufactures clippers for larges dogs, sheeps, horses and cattle shearing. Their blades are compatible with a wide range of other clippers, for a really interesting price.
  • Wahl clippers and blades
    Wahl is one of the largest manufacturers of grooming clippers in the world. They offer a wide range of clippers for all uses (intensive or occasional grooming, cordless
  • Heiniger clippers and blades

    HEINIGER professional clippers are renowned for their "Made in Switzerland" quality

  • Aesculap clippers and blades

    Aesculap offers a wide range of professional grooming clippers and blades.

  • Trimmer
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  • Extremely robust, for continous intensive use. 45 watt motor, ergonomic design for easy handling. MOSER cutting heads are highly recommended for optimal use of you mower. Supplied with 1 mm head, 2 over-combinations 10 and 16 mm, 3 m cable, a cleaning brush and a bottle of oil.

  • Extremely robust, for continous heavy use. 50 watt motor, ergonomic design for balanced weight distribution and antislip area for easy handing. Its light weight makes it even easier to use.

  • Powerful cordless clipper with removable battery pack, for complete clipping or finishing of medium-sizeddogs and cats. 2 xl lithium batteries, autonomy 120 min for 75 min charge per battery easily removable cutting head, length 0.7 mm to 3 mm. 4 counter combs (3, 6, 9, 12 mm), charging base, cleaning brush.

  • The GOLDEN A5 OSTER clippers, with a power of 45 W, are available with 2 speeds. Very powerful, they respectively perform 2200 and 3300 revolutions per minute. These clippers are designed for prolonged use. The GOLDEN A5 OSTER clippers are silent and do not vibrate. 

  • The HEINIGER STYLE MIDI trimmer has the qualities, features and design you expect from Heiniger. This trimmer can be used both on battery and mains power, so you can use it all the time. Its unique design is comfortable and ergonomic thanks to the curved head. The cut is also more precise for delicate trimming because it follows the curves and shapes of...

  • The MINI trimmer from HEINIGER has the qualities, features and design you expect from Heiniger. The narrow head of this trimmer (30mm) is perfect for even the most complicated cutting jobs. It is also very useful for trimming the delicate parts of small breeds of dogs, paws and head and for you artistic creations. 

  • The Heiniger Opal cordless clipper is quiet, lightweight and very powerful. Continous work is possible thanks to the Li-ion battery. Thanks to the illuminated battery display, it is easy to see the remaining battery life.

  • The Saphir is a 7.4V finishing clipper. Its very low voltage gives it maximum safety. The SaphirCord adapter (A0965) is compatible with this trimmer. 

  • The SaphirStyle is a 7.4V cordless.  Its very low voltage gives it maximum safety. 

  • The SaphirStyle is a 7.4V cordless.  It's very low voltage gives it maximum safety.

  • Set of counter combs with steel teeth to allow effortless movement of the clipper through any coat. Allows a more precise cut. The color code will allow you to identify the desired size very quickly.

  • With its slim design and lightweight feel, this cordless trimmer will give you ease and confidence all day long.

Showing 1 - 12 of 284 items