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A selection of small materials for grooming salon (atomiser, holder, sterilizer
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  • 16 blades wall-mounted for grooming salon.

  • 12 scissors dish wall-mounted  for grooming salon.

  • These leather gloves will protect your fingers, hands and arms from pain, bites and contagious scratches.  Thanks to its long length it protects the whole arm.Suitable for grooming cats, dogs but also for bird care, reptiles etc.

  • Very resistant, this hammock can be used to cut nails of the animals, to groom them, to clean their teeth and ears in total safety. This hammock also enables the most active animals to calm down.

  • MAGNETIC SCISSORS HOLDER This magnetic scissors holder is a perfect solution to free up space on your workplan and have your scissors at hand.

  • GROOMING BAG Grooming bag with padded handle for a perfect and comfortable grip. Side pocket with storage spaces for scissors, combs, brushes, etc. Bag with many compartments to put in order all your equipment.

  • This brand new microdiffusion spray generation is ideal for professional groomers. Instead of a concentrated water burst, the spray bottle offers an ultra-light mist. The ergonomic handle matches to your hand’s shape. 500 ml

  • Convenient, makes it easy to store laundry to be washed in a removable bag. Easy to move with his casters. Supplied with 1 removable bag. Bag is simple to change and machine washable at 30°.

  • The famous BOB TUO towels are ultra-comfortable and guarantee a very easy use, both for the groomer than for the animal. They honor their reputation for professional quality: 100% colorfast, irreplaceable and dimensionally stable. They are also ultra-absorbent and easy to maintain.

  • Massage and Bath Gloves. A texture that eliminates dirt. Ideal for removing dead hair.  For dogs with long or short hair Size : Max 8

  • The Sibel makes it easier to sweep floors: your living room stays clean all day long. Simply brush the bristles, dust and dirt to the base of the unit: the infrared sensors will detect debris and operate the vacuum trash. It will turn off automatically when all impurities have been sucked.

  • The scissors wallet is ideal for home groomers or dog shows. Light, practical and design, this kit will safely accommodate professional scissors. It is a strong and resistant product that will be preserved for a long time. Thanks to it, your accessories will be protected from shocks and other aggressions.

Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items