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Vinyl toys and balls

Some classic toys for all breeds of dogs, mostly balls, made of a soft and resistant vinyl
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  • Made of natural rubber like the popular Hol-ee Roller®, the Hol-ee Giggler adds extra fun with unpredictable laughter sound inside the ball. The openings allow to insert treats. Hol-ee Giggler from JW is designed to enrich the playing time by stimulating the auditory senses with fun sounds.

  • Frisbee designed for long distance. This toy has a durable rubber edge; and a complete inner veiled tissu designed to extend the distance and flight time!

  • Available in one size, the Air Fetch football is made from durable rubber and features a bright orange color that makes it easy to find! 8CM

  • This toy is designed to glide across most floors engaging your dog’s natural hunting instinct. Designed to be a challenge, this toy is made to play independently. Indoor Slider is the perfect way to offer an active game inside.

  • The Ultra Fetch Stick is the recovery stick developed for high durability and visibility.

  • The unique design of this recovery stick helps improve a dog’s breathing when playing.

  • The Amphibious Mega Ball is made of foam which allows it to float. It is ideal for medium to large size dogs who love water. The bright orange color makes the ball easy to spot for your pet.

  • Ideal for playing on land as in water, Amphibious balls are unsinkable and floating. The balls are made from long lasting materials. Ball's Diameter 6.3cm. Amphibious recovery balls are compatible with the Chuckit O2759 launcher. Ideal for pools, ponds, lakes, and coves.

  • This pack includes a classic recovery ball, a floating ball as well as a robust ball. Each ball is medium size (6.3 cm diameter) and can be used with any medium sized Chuckit launcher.

  • The launcher has a foldable design that makes it easy to store in a bag. To use the launcher, simply unfold it and lock it. The launch distance is 25 meters. The launcher is supplied with a 6.5 CM diameter ball.

  • Dog toy, soft rubber ball with inner light organ. Extra bouncing! Ø 10 cm

  • The Coockoo Magic Ball is an active battery-powered toy that can change direction independently and randomly thanks to its integrated motor. Once activated, the ball is in constant motion. Stimulate your pet's hunting instinct. The Magic Ball is made of durable rubber.

Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items