Informations about cookies

What's a cookie and what's its purpose ?

A cookie is a small computer file, that can be saved on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone...) by your web browser, when you navigate on a website or online-service.

On these cookies allows you to :

  • be automatically recognized every time you visit the website, without having to sign in again,
  • get a backup of your pending quotation request,
  • avoid filling the same informations many times,
  • ...

In addition, cookies give us the ability to gather fully anonymous statistical and technical data such as :

  • number of pages viewed by our visitors,
  • types of devices used by them,
  • referal websites,
  • ...

Could I refuse cookies ?

You can setup your browser so that it does not save cookies. However we strongly recommend that you do not perform this operation as it can bring inconvenience into your user experience or hinder a comfortable navigation on our website.

If you want to disable cookies anyway, here is how to do it.

For Internet Explorer :

Click on "Tools > Internet Options". Then click on "Privacy" tab. Next click on "Advanced" button, and tick "Ignore automatic cookies management" checkbox.

For Mozilla Firefox :

On top of Firefox window click on "Firefox" button ("Tools" menu for Windows XP), then go to "Options". Choose "Privacy" panel. Setup "Conservation rules" on "Use custom settings for browsing history". Un-tick "Allow cookies".

For Google Chrome :

Click on menu icon at the top right of browser toolbar. Choose "Settings". Click on "Show advanced parameters". In "Privacy" section, click on "Content settings" button. In "Cookies" menu, you can block cookies and third-party websites data.

If this "how-to" is not up-to-date when you read it or if your browser is not listed here, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

In addition

Keep in mind that you can change your personal details at any time by accessing "My account" section of this website.

Chadog Diffusion cannot be responsible for any technical issue you may experience after changing settings related to cookies management in your browser.