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All other grooming tools for pet grooming professionals such as nail clippes, hari removal articles or ears and teeth hygiene products.

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  • Anti-hair brush.  This brush is ideal to remove all animal bristles from sofas, beds, carpets, blankets etc.

  • Blue Teeth Brush Stick H. 12.6 cm - base width 12.5 cm

  • This oval brush with dense bristles ensures an even application of the products on your dog's coat. Thanks to the goat hair, the brush is very durable and pleasantly soft.

  • Washable and reusable plastic wraps. Sold in packs of 100 sheets (15 x 30cm).

  • Set of 10 finger cots for rubber trimmer. For professional groomers. 4 sizes available (see details)

  • This stone can be used to remove hair without danger of cutting or damaging the coat. It can also be used for finishing and removing dead hair. This unique stone is specially designed for white coats and unlike traditional black depilatory stones, it will not leave black dust on light coats.

  • This professional stone can be used as trimming or as a finishing tool to remove dead hair and give a smoother, cleaner finish. The uneven surface of the stone retains dead hair, so the Groom Stone Pro is perfect for removing dead hair from all surfaces, even clothing and upholstery!

  • Toothbrush for dogs. Length : 17cm

  • These pigment rich chalk sticks are hand-made to colour and enhance any dog’s coat. Ideal for a touch-up just before an event ! Presented in an easy to use dispenser made of cardboard, you simply have to push the bottom of the packaging, this way, the user will not get his hands dirty. The colour of the chalk is easily and evenly applied to the coat.

  • Magic brush to remove all the bristles from your fabrics. Accompanied by its case which automatically cleans the brush. Standard model + Pocket model.

  • This hook is the ideal tool to manually and painlessly remove ticks from your pet's skin. Sold per 2

  • The rosettes are exhibition card clips. As aesthetic as they are effective, they will be ideal to hang your participant number.

Showing 1 - 12 of 72 items