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All other grooming tools for pet grooming professionals such as nail clippes, hari removal articles or ears and teeth hygiene products.

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  • Toothbrush for dogs. Length : 17cm

  • These pigment rich chalk sticks are hand-made to colour and enhance any dog’s coat. Ideal for a touch-up just before an event ! Presented in an easy to use dispenser made of cardboard, you simply have to push the bottom of the packaging, this way, the user will not get his hands dirty. The colour of the chalk is easily and evenly applied to the coat.

  • Magic brush to remove all the bristles from your fabrics. Accompanied by its case which automatically cleans the brush. Standard model + Pocket model.

  • This hook is the ideal tool to manually and painlessly remove ticks from your pet's skin. Sold per 2

  • The rosettes are exhibition card clips. As aesthetic as they are effective, they will be ideal to hang your participant number.

  • EAR BUDDY” has been designed to calm dogs during grooming or any other stressful situation. Made with a soft and comfortable stretch fabric, it sits around your dog's head and ears to reduce ambient noise. Suitable for all breeds of dogs.

  • The Snood is ideal when grooming the dog to facilitate access to the neck and chest without the ears bothering. It also protects the hair and ears and keeps them clean: the ears do not drag on the ground, and thus do not find themselves in bowls and waterers. Ideal for keeping the coat of an exhibition dog in perfect condition.

  • Highly resistant non-metallic strips with good grip and easy to use to remove unwanted hair when grooming.

  • Ergonomic anti-slip file to carry out the inspensive maintenance of the nails of your dog or cat. Maintaining your pet's nails is important for its balance and health. Use the nail file to soften and eliminate imperfections (after cutting, for example). File the nail of the animal always in the same direction, down, without movement back and forth....

  • To trim the nails of dogs and cats. It works on the principle of cigar cutting. This guillotine nail clipper has an ergonomic anti-slip grip. Tip: to avoid cutting in the living part of the nail, illuminate the underside of the claw with a flashlight by transparency, you will perfectly see the living part with blood circulation. 7 mm * 14 * 8.6 * 2.3

  • With this magic glove, reduce the hair loss of your pet. The magic glove painlessly brushes the coat of the animal and gently pulls the hair. With the magic glove, the grooming of your dog or cat will become a pleasant moment of relaxation! 

  • BambooStick® is a large cotton stick especially designed for dogs ears care. It is currently the most efficient solutionto heal and protect your dogs ears. 50 units

Showing 1 - 12 of 67 items