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Parks and kennels for outdoor, cages and carrying bags for travel. Going for a walk ?

  • Travel cages
    A selection of travel cages for pets, in many sizes and for every budgets
  • Kennels
    Outdoor kennels and options for outdoor use. Our kennels are resistant and easy to assemble
  • Foldable cages and parks
    Savic is a leader in foldable cages and parks with their famous Dog Residence and Dog Cottage
  • Carrying bags
    Doogy carrying bags are available in several models, colors and sizes.
  • Pets Strollers

    Pets strollers can be used for ballads and also by groomers and breeders who particpate in dogs/cats shows and other exhibitions. 

    Chadog offers you a large choice of models and accessories (such as rain protection and grooming trays).

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  • Ideal silicone pouch to keep your pet’s treats. This 100% silicone pouch attaches to your belt by using the clip on the back of the pouch. Two magnets to close the pouch. Water resistant."

  • Waterproof car trunk cover 155*105cm. Ideal for taking your dog for a walk and protecting the inside of your trunk. Resistant to water, mud and dust. Washes very easily with a sponge, water and soap.

  • Semi-rigid bag with a zipper on top, a rigid bottom, a carabiner for the leash and a pocket on the front of the bag.

  • Soft bag, with a summer design perfect for beautiful summer days! It has a zipper on the top, a rope handle, a rigid bottom and a carabiner for the leash. 

  • Hands free dog leash bike attachment that allows you to safely ride a bicycle with your pet while they run or walk alongside you. Dimensions : 60 x 4 x 6 cm

  • This doghouse will allow your companion to take refuge when he is outside. Equipped with a ventilation grid, the humidity will not stagnate and the cabin will be well ventilated. Its plastic material allows easy maintenance and cleaning. 

  • Ideal to take your companion safely by car. Adjustable straps to fit any type of seat. Dog seat belt

  • Take your two-wheeler for a ride with your companion on the PetSafe® Happy Ride™ aluminum dog bike trailer. 

  • The ROADRUNNER N° 2 dog transport basket is designed for transport by car or train (not approved for air transport). Metal door can be opened on the right or left. Side vents. Fastening slots for the seat belt to keep the basket in the car. For dogs type scottish terrier, westie, poodle…

  • The ROADRUNNER cat transport basket is designed for transport by car, train or aircraft cabin (not approved for air transport in the hold). Plastic door can be opened on the right or left. Side vents. Fastening slots for the seat belt to keep the basket in the car.

  • Bike Basket + Luggage rack wicker metal Size : 35 x 49 x 55 cm

  • Front basket for bike. Size : 50 x 41 x 35 cm

Showing 1 - 12 of 107 items