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Parks and kennels for outdoor, cages and carrying bags for travel. Going for a walk ?

  • Travel cages
    A selection of travel cages for pets, in many sizes and for every budgets
  • Kennels
    Outdoor kennels and options for outdoor use. Our kennels are resistant and easy to assemble
  • Foldable cages and parks
    Savic is a leader in foldable cages and parks with their famous Dog Residence and Dog Cottage
  • Carrying bags
    Doogy carrying bags are available in several models, colors and sizes.
  • Pets Strollers

    Pets strollers can be used for ballads and also by groomers and breeders who particpate in dogs/cats shows and other exhibitions. 

    Chadog offers you a large choice of models and accessories (such as rain protection and grooming trays).

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  • Trendy synthetic fibre beds to satisfy your VINTAGE desires. 

  • Big special stroller for big dogs or multi-animals. It has a front and a rear door with zippers perfect for animals to get in and out of the stroller easily. The wheels provide a real comfort during a walk. For dogs under 55.4 kg.

  • More than a pet voyager, a fashion and design object that is eyecatching ! Supplied with a rubber handle for comfort and a plastic door. Suitable for all types of cats or kittens

  • The best way for your pets to travel "cool". This fan protects your animals during the high heat that can be fatal. It is portable so it can be attached to the cage fence.

  • Semi rigid bag, opening with zipper on top. Complete opening on one side with zipper. Semi-rigid ventilation net on the side and front of the bag, storage pocket on the front of the bag. TPR handle on top, adjustable shoulder strap available. Removable and padded bottom. Adaptable on suitcases, ideal for travel.

  • These ventral bags for small dogs have a padded bottom, comfortable shoulder straps and ventilation meshes. The tightening bond and the frontal pocket, make them it even more practicals. Pocket height: 26 cm. sizes Large: 28 x 25 h: 40 cm (L1408)

  • Recommended for training puppies but also adult dogs, the indoor cage is becoming more and more successful. You will be able to leave home without worries. Get your dog used to gradually taming his crate and very quickly it will become his lair. Be careful to never leave your dog in a cage for more than 3 or 4 hours.

  • This cage consists of two M size cages at the top and one L size cage at the bottom. It is made of stainless steel. It provides a healthy environment for animals waiting for care. Very practical self-locking locking system. The lower L cage can be divided into two cages.

  • Pretty semi-rigid carrying bag, very cozy thanks to its detachable lining and machine washable at 30°C. Equipped with a support strap.

  • Semi-rigid grey/taupe bag with the Australian flag and a cosmonaut bubble that can be replaced by an air grille. Closes with a synthetic fiber buckle at the front.

  • Flexible camouflage and orange test-bag. It has a zippered opening on the top with a ventilation net. The shoulder strap is adjustable. It has a storage pocket on the front. A safety strap is located inside the bag as well as a removable and padded bottom. 100% polyester.

  • Semi-rigid bag with jean effect. It has a zippered and scratch opening on the top with a ventilation net. A second zippered opening with a ventilation net is located on the side of the bag.

Showing 1 - 12 of 84 items