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Parks and kennels for outdoor, cages and carrying bags for travel. Going for a walk ?

  • Travel cages
    A selection of travel cages for pets, in many sizes and for every budgets
  • Kennels
    Outdoor kennels and options for outdoor use. Our kennels are resistant and easy to assemble
  • Foldable cages and parks
    Savic is a leader in foldable cages and parks with their famous Dog Residence and Dog Cottage
  • Carrying bags
    Doogy carrying bags are available in several models, colors and sizes.
  • Pets Strollers

    Pets strollers can be used for ballads and also by groomers and breeders who particpate in dogs/cats shows and other exhibitions. 

    Chadog offers you a large choice of models and accessories (such as rain protection and grooming trays).

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  • Foldable cage made of aluminium. With 4 wheels, 2 of them with a branking system. With up to 4 compartments. Easy access to the interior of the cage thanks to an upper board fixed on hinges. Arms A0854, A0855, A0856 and A0857 compatibles with this cage. Dimensions : L. 65 x l. 93 x h.92 cm

  • Practical and robust - Delivered with removable wheels and bowl / Metallic ventilation grids - Agreed by aerian companies - Easy to mount and clean  Easily removable without disassembling the cage. Exist in 3 sizes.

  • Pet stroller for dogs up to 17 kgs. With pockets, seatbelt and 2 individual compartments for both animals to enjoy their own space. Very easy to fold up. Very easy and fast to assemble, no tool needed.  Optional rain-protection (see reference L1961).

  • Adjustable cart, inox and painted metal. Adjustable lenght from 61 to 110 cm. Adjustable width from 45 to 75 cm. Wheels : 12,5 cm, with brake. Adjustable height handle from 60 cm to 108 cm. 

  • Economic Savic travel cage for pets with metallic door. Approved by airways companies (IATA norm). Available in 3 differents sizes : small (L0733), medium (L0743) and large (L0753). See dimensions in "More Info" tab.

  • Portables, foldables and lights, these dog kennels can be used inside or outside. Made of very resistant waterproof nylon and equipped with ventilation mesh with unwinding curtain and removable floor mat. Available in 5 differents sizes : small (L0380), medium (L0381), large (L0382), extra-large (L0383) and super-extra-large (L0384). See...

  • Pet stroller for dogs up to 25 kgs. With pockets, seatbelt, adjustable handle and 2 individual compartments. Very easy to fold up. Very easy and fast to assemble, no tool needed.  Optional rain-protection and grooming tray (see references L1951 and L1952).

  • The best way for your pets to travel. This fan protects your animals from the heat which can be fatal. Portable, it can be fixed onto the cage? Supplied with LR20 batteries for a hundrer hours of freshness and comfort. Resistant, it has two speeds for a maximal power and air flow. Quiet fan not to frighten your animal, essential at home and away.

  • Solid outdoor kennel kit. Easy to assemble thanks to its preassembled panels. Integrated door with secure closure. Se "Features" tab for dimensions and weight.

  • Copact pet stroller for dogs up to 30 kgs. With pockets, seatbelt, adjustable handle and ultra-strong wheels for a better journey. Very easy to fold up. Very easy and fast to assemble, no tool needed.  Optional rain-protection and grooming tray (see references L1971 and L1972).

  • Cotton / wool bag with bag pouches pickup poop accessible from the side of the bag. Equipped with a strap and a carabiner to secure your pet.  Dimensions :  40 x 19 cm. h.30 cm

  • This padded soft bag has a zipper on the top. There is 1 lateral pocket with a bone pattern and 2 carrying handles. Dimensions : 44,5 x 23 cm, height : 28 cm

Showing 1 - 12 of 75 items