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Detangling sprays

Powerfull detangling sprays for pet grooming, shows and contests. Helps to remove knots in long furs
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  • Detangler spray with Malabar scent.Exceptional detangler that provides a really effective help in detangling the hair. Use before or after bathing.

  • Dematter Spray is an instant conditioner spray with anti-static, detangling and moisturizing power. It efficiently prevents from tangles and makes the coat easy to brush. It adds that show-winning finish to the coat you want for grooming and show. Perfect for all breeds. 

  • Aloe Vera Nano Mist is a conditioner with an antistatic effect and powerful detangling effect. It makes the coat easier to brush and gives great volume and structure. It counter-acts tangles and wears and makes the coat more manageable. It is suitable for all types of coats and animals. 

  • A very powerful detangler with mink oil. It efficiently helps to eliminate knots. Prevents matting, is non-greasy and deodorizes. It is perfect for silky coats. Available in 300ml (K1037) or 500ml spray bottle (K1038).

  • A very powerful detangler with jojoba oil for fine and light coats. It efficiently helps to eliminate knots. It prevents matting,it is non-greasy and it deodorizes. Available in 300ml (K1047) or 500ml spray bottle (K1048).

  • This spray was specially formulated for detangling cat fur. It detangles thoroughly and eliminates static electricity. Its adapted Ph formula is gentle on fur. Available in 250ml spray bottle.

  • Professional product for groomers with 4 in 1 action. It conditions, detangles, eliminates static electricity and makes fur soft again. It suits particularly to severely tangledfurs and is a perfect pre-show conditioner. Available in 250ml spray bottle.

  • Ideal for canine professionals. Untangles and leaves hair softand sleek. Paraben free. Especially for groomers. Do not wet the hair Available in 500ml bottle.

  • This powerful conditioner nourishes, softens and strengthens your pet’s coat. The jojoba oil helps regulate the excess of sebum, making the coat shiny and hydrated. Available on 300ml (K8155) or 500 ml spray (K8165).

  • This powerful conditioner made from mink oil nourishes and softens your pet’s skin and hair and disentangles it at the sametime. Especially recommended for cats and dogs with silky and smooth hair. Available on 300ml (K8125) or 500 ml spray (K8135).

  • For Dogs and cats. this powerful antistatic detangling conditioner gives softeness, radiance and shininess to Dogs (Yorks, Lhassas, Afghans, Shi-tzu, Cockers, Bichons, Caniches...) and cats (Persans, Chinchillas, Birmans, Angoras). It detangles, covers and softens the coat, whithout greasing it.

  • For Dogs and cats with felted and knotted hair. This powerful detangling conditioner, with hydrating agent is also antistatic and oil-free, (4 in 1). This spray is recommended for all Dogs and cats with felted and knotted hair (Bichon, Shih-tzu, Lhasa, Briard, Yorkshire, Afghan, Cocker, Spaniel, Persian...).

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items