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  • Cover for car seat
    Cover for car seat

    This nylon cover is an ideal protection for your car. It protects the...

  • Tosua Line matress
    Tosua Line matress

    Top trend comfort cushioning, 100% polyester and machine washable at...

  • Tosua Line sofas
    Tosua Line sofas

    Top trend comfort cushioning, 100% polyester and machine washable at...

  • Armchair

    This chair is ideal for transport by car, it can be attached to the seat...

  • Velvet collection Cushion
    Velvet collection Cushion

    Top trendy cushion specially designed for our cat friends, 100%...

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  • This brush with silicone pins is ideal for a gentle massage. It also removes dead hair and is easy to clean. It helps the shampoo to penetrate the fur root, the animal's coat is even brighter! In addition, the ergonomic handle makes it very easy to use.

  • This hook is the ideal tool to manually and painlessly remove ticks from your pet's skin. Sold per 2

  • Special grooming comb "Yorkshire", removes the coat. 

  • Highly resistant non-metallic strips with good grip and easy to use to remove unwanted hair when grooming.

  • The Auto Dog Brush is the perfect tool to make grooming easier on your dog. May he have long or short hair! Easy to use,it untangles without tearing and without hurting your companion. The continuous movement of its flexible pins will overcomerecalcitrant knots and you will avoid repetitive movements.

  • The famous BOB TUO towels are ultra-comfortable and guarantee a very easy use, both for the groomer than for the animal. They honor their reputation for professional quality: 100% colorfast, irreplaceable and dimensionally stable. They are also ultra-absorbent and easy to maintain.

  • Walker active boots are ideal to protect your pet's pads.  T1 : Yorkshire Terrier, West Highland Terrier T2 : Jack russell Terrier, Cocker Spaniel  T3 : Border collier, Beagle T4 : Australien Shephred, Dalmatiner/Dalmatian T5 : Labrador, Airedale Terrier T6 : Golden retriver, setter T7 : German Shephred, Berner Sennenhund / Bernese Moutain Dog

  • E0050 : Height - 2.5 cm E0051 : Height - 3 cm E0052 : Height - 3.5 cm

  • E0060 : Height - 1.2 cm E0061 : Height - 1.5 cm E0062 : Height - 1.8 cm

  • The rope handle allows you to throw it away very easily. Once the dog has brought you the Retriever, you can open the compartment and reward your dog.  Fleet on the water, plastic tube covered with resistant canvas, lenght 17 cm, diameter 6 cm. 

  • Multiple use. Its clear and strong, ideal tool for training in reminder and remote control. 

Showing 1 - 12 of 135 items