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  • .The KONG Connects Teaser’s flying feather mill has everything to satisfy the hunting instincts of adventurous cats looking for variety.  Dimension : 53 cm Weight : 24 g

  • The crackling of the KONG Crackles Gulpz toy and the shiny fabric covering its body awaken your cat’s natural hunting instincts. Attached to a rubber band, this noisy fly is, in itself, a reward for the games of natural bounces and its tail and thin fluffy wings inspires to fight. Present in the toy, the top quality KONG North American cat grass takes...

  • The KONG Cat Occasions Birthday Teddy toy facilitates party occasions. Small and light, it invites kittens to play thanks to its crackling that awaken the instincts of kicking paws.  Dimension : 17.5 cm Weight : 18 g 

  • Combining 3 toys in 1, the KONG Pull A Partz Yarnz toy invites kittens to dismantle playful pleasure, which satisfies their hunting instincts.  Dimension : 12.5 cm Weight : 17 g

  • The KONG Pull-A-Partz Purrito toy is two toys for the price of one. It is designed to attract and satisfy your cat’s natural hunting instincts.  Dimension : 14 cm Weight : 21 g

  • The unique shape of KONG Flingeroos is designed to meet the needs of wrestling game.  Dimension : 25.4 cm Weight : 18 g 

  • The KONG Teaser Loopz toy offers an extra-long wand and a soft wool thread ring that satisfy hunting and capturing instincts.  Dimension : 66 cm Weight : 32 g 

  • The KONG Wrangler AvoCATo toy satisfies your cat’s appetite, its curved shapeand its extremely soft body encourages a healthy fighting game. Dimension : 7.5 x 7.5 cm Weight : 26 g

  • The PetSafe® SlimCat™ is a fun, interactive toy that combines feeding and play to help control your cat's weight. You can fill the SlimCat™ with treats or dry food. Color : Blue

  • The KONG Cat Wubba Boa’s enticing feathers delight cats’ playful desires while fulfilling their natural instinctual desires to chase, hunt and capture. Sleeve length 46cm

  • Laser cat toy. Interactive toy for cats emitting an attractive red light.

  • Cat player Mecanic game for cats specially designed to stimulate their taste of the game. 

Showing 1 - 12 of 53 items