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Puppies shampoos

A selection of shampoos specifically developped for puppies and their needs
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  • Khara Pro series Biological shampoo for professional groomers. Natural based professional shampoo for frequent use. Cleans in depth without damaging the coat.  Available in 250ml (K0701), or 5 liters (K0711).

  • Golden bone-shaped giftbox containing a bottle of Oh My DOg perfeume (100ml) and a 200 ml puppy shampoo (ref C7021). Ideal for resale in pet boutique or grooming salon.

  • This special extra-gentle shampoo is suitable for all pup- pies, no matter the type of breed or coat.  Available in 250 ml.

  • This mild protein shampoo with natural hop extracts is safe for the eyes and the mucous membranes of puppies and young dogs.  Available in 200 ml (C7021) tube or 5 Liters bottle (C7025)

  • Designed for puppies, this shampoo combines the properties of hop, wheat and cornflowers to revitalize their coat.  Available in 250ml (K7005) and 1L bottle (K7015). Paraben free. Extra sweet For puppy. The cleansing nourishes and fortifies their hair and prevents them from dehydration.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items