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Toilet boards and pads

Learn puppies hygiene with this selection of toilet boards and trainer pads
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  • Doogy educational mat measuring 40x60cm. Machine washable. Super absorbent, non-slip and reusable

  • Educative Puppy Trainer carpets help your puppy to become clean. The educator mat is perfectly held in place and easily interchangeablle by simply clipping the top frame onto the tray. Includes 7 carpets

  • The Puppy Trainer pads are ideal for toilet training your puppy. You can use the Puppy Trainer pads in combination with baskets, kennels and transport cages. The paws of the puppy stay clean and dry. Super absorbent, the pad locks in moisture and odour. Dry surface after 30 seconds. 

  • Toilet board for puppy hygiene.  2 sizes available : small model (C0507) and large model (C0508). Dimensions of each are visble in "More Info" tab. Various colors (depending on availability)

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items