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Hair and Skin Health

Biotine grants beauty and vitality to the coat of your dog and cat.

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  • Cat food supplement with special salmon for a beautiful coat. Extremely palatable, it can be given directly into the animal's mouth or in its food.   Based on salmon oil, omega 3 & 6 and DHA.   Tube of 100 gr

  • Anti-hairball food supplement for cats. Extremely palatable, it can be given directly in the mouth of the animal or on its food.   Based on malt and Bio-MOS   Tube of 100 gr

  • Salmon oil is a very high quality food supplement specially formulated for the health of dogs and cats.

  • TechniVet cellulose powder is made of 100% cellulose, without additives, suitable for both dogs and cats. Cellulose is a starch-like polysaccharide obtained from the cell walls of plants.  Unlike starch, cellulose does not degrade, but acts as a cleanser for the intestine and water-insoluble dietary fiber.

  • TechniVet Egg Shell Powder provides the calcium necessary for proper bone metabolism, strengthens muscle work and helps your dog keep his teeth healthy. It also provides magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, copper and zinc.

  • Consisting mainly of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil also contains many medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), an excellent source of energy metabolized by the liver. For dogs, MCTs regulate insulin levels and promote the balance of thyroid flora, which can help sedentary animals optimize their energy and lose weight.

  • 300 000 mcg of Biotine (h vitamin) per kg. Tablets made for small and medium breeds, young dogs and cats for a regular use.

  • 1500 000 MCG of BIOTINE (H vitamin) per kg. 5 Times more concentrated in biotine for long and dalaged hair for large breeds. Available in 2 boxs : S1 : 60 tablets - 200g (D0568) S2 : 210 tablets - 700g (D0569)

  • 500 000 MCG of BIOTINE (H vitamin) per kg. Mini tablets specially made for small breeds,  puppies and cats. 200 mini tablets - 100gr

  • 1 500 000 MCG of BIOTINE (H vitamin) per kg + B vitamin complex. Pills 5 times more concentrated in biotine for a better assimilation by females with hormonal and discolouring issues. 60 tablets - 200gr

  • Biofood salmon oil is cold-pressed from fresh salmon and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids... Available in 250ml and 500 ml bottles

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items