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  • Dogs reproduce the behaviors that are rewarded. The Remote Reward Training System is a remotely controlled system using positive reinforcement to train dogs to behave well at home and with other dogs. By rewarding satisfying behaviors, this system is a valuable tool for redirecting the dog's attention and preventing him from barking at the door, jumping...

  • Using the 100 meter training system makes it easy to improve communication between you and your dog. The remote control sends a signal that activates your dog's training collar. With three options of training (sound signal, vibration and electrostatic stimulation) you can be sure that you will have a well-trained dog in a very short period of time short.

  • Very safe and efficient system for all breed and size of dogs. Prevents your dog or the neighbour's dog from barking.Hanged from a tree or a post, it detects barking within 15 meters and produces ultrasound audible to the animal.Surprised, the dog will associate the barking to this unpleasant sound and will stop.Four functions system and...

  • A radio signal is transmitted by the fence transmitter, via a buried wire, delimiting the perimeter you want for yourdog. Your dog wears a receiver collar that detects the signal at the limit. When your dog is approaching the limit, the collar-receiveremits a warning signal.  See "More details" tab for content of the pack.

  • The PetSafe® Ultrasonic Bark Control effectively deters barking when it is worn. When the microphone picks upthe sound of your dog’s bark, the unit emits an ultrasonic tone that can be heard by your dog, but is silent tomost humans. Startled by the high-pitched tone, the dog should stop barking, as it will associate its bark with thisunpleasant noise

  • The vibration due to the dog barking activates the sensor and releases a spray jet to dissuade the dog to bark.The system Perfect Bark uses vibration and sound sensors to distinguish barking from other noises. 30 to 40 spray jetsbefore refill. Kit for a dog up to 26kgs

  • The No-Bark collar has a microphone which detects barking and automatically emits either a sound or a vibration to interrupt the dog’s barking. No-Bark Collars are a low cost choice compared to alternative spray training collars.

  • Refill for antibarck collar lemony spray

  • Your microchip has been designed to allow your cat easy access to the outside world while keeping other cats and pets out of the home. It works by reading the number of the electronic chip without the need for a collar or accessory.

  • When a barking dog is in the area covered by the Petsafe Bark Control System, an international microphone picks up the sound. The device then automatically emits audible ultrasounds for dogs, but inaudible to most humans.

  • The barking of your dog triggers a jet that is sprayed to dissuade him from barking. Naturak and 100% safe. For dogs of all sizes. 

  • A radio signal is transmitted along a buried wire, delineating the perimeter you wish to establish for your dog. Yourdog wears a receiver collar that detects the signal at the limit. 

Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items