Collar Throwing Bark Control Collar small breed



Rechargeable collar bark Petsafe is designed for small dogs or those with a sensitive or shy character. 15 levels of elecrtostatic stimulation. Waterproof collar. LED battery .

The system includes an adjustable and waterproof collar, a charger adapter, and is compatible for a choker up to 61 cm. Short and long contactors. User manual provided. 

More details

This collar is useful for dogs with a sensitive or shy character.

It uses several features designed to reduce the duration of the learning phase and encourage the good behavior of your dog.
It can be used on dogs of all sizes, but it is specially designed for small to medium size dogs.
The system also uses learning techniques based on the temperament of the animal to reduce and in most cases totally eliminate barking. 15 levels of electrostatic stimulation.
At first we use weak ones. If the barking continues, the stimulation will become moderately stronger until the barking stops.
Once the dog has learned to reduce its barking, the initial warning boosters are reduced. As a safety measure,

if your dog barks 15 times or more during a 1 minute 20 seconds period, the barking collar will automatically stop for 3 minutes.

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