Petsafe Anti-fugue Closure



A radio signal is transmitted along a buried wire, delineating the perimeter you wish to establish for your dog. Your
dog wears a receiver collar that detects the signal at the limit. 

More details

When your dog approaches the limit, the receiver transmits a
warning signal. If he advances further, he receives a safe electrostatic stimulation that makes him jump. This stimulation
will not hurt him but will convince him to stay in the anti-fugue zone you have established. The Deluxe Receiver Collar
UltraLight ™ offers 4 levels of stimulation, plus a sound only, to suit your dog's temperament.

Characteristics :
• Four adjustable pacing levels plus one sound only option
• Complete system to cover up to 0.13 Hectares (13 ares)
• The system can be expanded and can cover up to
2 hectares (200 acres) with additional wire kits and pennants.
• 3 years warranty
• For dogs over 3.6 kg

The system includes:
• Transmitter with adapter
• UltraLight ™ Deluxe Receiver with Adjustable Collar
for chokers between 15 cm and 66 cm
• User Manual
• 150 m of thread and 50 pennants
• A multifunction key
• 6V lithium battery (RFA-67D-11)

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