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  • The Classic High Post is a scratching post with a central trunk.The disc at the top of the trunk has a nice finish, as does the base plate. They are both covered with a quality plush material. Natural sisal is glued to the entire trunk, giving your cat enough space to scratch her nails while stretching.

  • This latex sound toy is very durable and will encourage your dog to play over and over again. Height - 12 cm

  • This TPR toy is ideal for dogs that need to bite or chew.

  • Fun plush for your pet. The goal is for the dog to pull all the squirrels out of the tree trunk. This toy keeps your pet busy for hours. It helps to develop your pet's intelligence and solve puzzles. Suitable for all ages and races.

  • PetSafe® Squeak'n Treat Ninja Star has candy dispensers that release a customizable amount of treats.

  • You can put the penguin in the freezer. This snowflake model will help maintain the ice or treat.

  • Stimulate your pet with the Bouncy and Bristle Bone, an interactive chew toy in which candy can be inserted.

  • The Coockoo Tricky vinyl toy for dogs looks fun but is also extremely durable and will satisfy your dog's desire to play for hours. Its playful cloud shape and sound make it a very entertaining toy.

  • The Coockoo Magic Ball is an active battery-powered toy that can change direction independently and randomly thanks to its integrated motor. Once activated, the ball is in constant motion. Stimulate your pet's hunting instinct. The Magic Ball is made of durable rubber.

  • The colored rat tail moves irregularly and can rotate 360°. A real cat and mouse game. The Sling is also covered with silky hair and has the delirious and irresistible eyes of the Coockoo. The toy switches off automatically after 15 minutes of play.

  • Your cat will love the Coockoo Hide. Place the coloured circle on the motor, select one of the 3 speed levels on the central part and let your cat play. The three speed levels are slow, fast and random.

  • Coockoo's Tumbler is an interactive toy for cats.The animal is rewarded with treats. With these unpredictable shipments, your pet will not be bored for a second.

Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items