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Khara Pro Series

Khara Pro series is a line of cosmetics designed for professional grooming. Shampoos, conditioners, creams, cleaners
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  • This soft shampoo activates short haired dog moulting. Composed of garlic extract, it efficiently helps dog moul- ting and the hair grow again.   Does not contain color additives, paraben and perfume. Available in 250 ml tube.

  • Professional dry shampoo for dogs in 300ml spray. This plant-based product effectively absorbs water and excess oil in the coat. It cleans and leaves a pleasant scenton fur.

  • This lotion can be used with any dog or cat but more particularly with animals who should not be washed. Made withhoneysuckle, this lotion gently cleanses in depth and deodorizes the fur. No need to rinse. 500 ml bottle with pump system.

  • This shampoo is specially formulated to degrease cats’ coats without damaging the fur. It preserves the texture and adds a bit of volume to fine-furred show cats. Available in 250 ml.

  • This lotion is a non-oily, antistatic and rich in aloe vera conditioner. When used during daily brushing, it keepsknots from forming, prevents matting and fights static electricity. This product is suitable for all long and semi-long haired dogs and particularly show dogs. Available in 250ml spray bottle.

  • Professional product for groomers with 4 in 1 action. It conditions, detangles, eliminates static electricity and makes fur soft again. It suits particularly to severely tangledfurs and is a perfect pre-show conditioner. Available in 250ml spray bottle.

  • Eau de toilette for puppy guaranteed alcohol-free.Made of water and carefully selected candy-scented perfume extract. Available in 75ml spray bottle.

  • This special extra-gentle shampoo is suitable for all pup- pies, no matter the type of breed or coat.  Available in 250 ml.

  • Khara Pro series jojoba shampoo for professional groomers.  It efficiently fights dogs' coat drying, strengthens and nourishes the hair and prevents matting.  Available in 250ml (K1041), 1 liter (K1043) or 5 liters bottle (K1045).

  • Khara Pro series grooming conditioner.  Plant and oil-based - sweet-almond it facilitates daily care and longcoat untangling. Available in 250ml, 1 liter or 5 liters bottle.

  • This product is used for daily eye cleaning of dogs and cats. Contains rose water and boric acid. Does not irritate mucus membranes and helps preventing dryness.  100 ml bottle.

  • This product is used for ear cleaning of dogs and cats. Contains menthol and boric acid. Does not irritate mucus membranes and can be used on a daily basis. 100 ml bottle.

Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items