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    The sturdy material of KONG Eon Bone toys allows these sturdy, brightly...


    Finishing Combo Double. REDUCE YOUR BRUSHING TIME BY 50%.


    The Gold face gently removes undercoat where needed and then you can...


    For long, dense coats with moderate to heavy undercoat, hard pind....


    Super soft finishing brush for long, silky coats and short, dense coats...

Pet Boutique & accessories

This category gathers all resale products for grooming salons and pet boutiques like bowls, litter boxes, poop bags or pendants.

  • Bowls and water dispensers

    All bowls and dishes for dogs and cats. Available in many sizes, colors and materials.

  • Hygiene and litters

    All articles for pets cleanliness litter and litter trays, poop bags, toilet board and educative pads, hygienic pants.

  • Resale items

    Resale items for pet boutiques and grooming salons (pendants, knots, identity tubs).

  • Miscelleanous

    Here you will find all other resale articles like display units (shelves, stands) and car accessories (dogs barriers and transport harnesses).

  • Treats and Dietary supplements

    Browse this category and find our selection of treats and dietary supplements for cats and dogs. 

    With Technivet, our brand of dietary supplements, we have elaborated a full range of healthy products : well-being, fur and skin health, bone structure ...

  • Pet doors and Catflaps

    Made of high resistance thermoplastic. Easy to clean and available in various colors. Easy set-up with instructions. Specs : magnetic flap system offers protection from the elements, interior panel can be locked for more safety. For wooden or metal doors and walls

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  • Silicone licking mat allows to occupy dogs during grooming for example. Spread cheese spreads, peanut butter or other dog food dough on the carpet and glue it on the wall of the bathtub with its suction cups and the dog can be groomed while being busy. easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher. Dimensions : 18,5 x 15,5 x 1CM

  • HIKING KIT includes: 3 biodegradable poop bags, 3 wet wipes, 2 paper water bowls, dog light, tick removal tool with magnifier and dog traveling guide booklet. Everything you need for a great hiking experience with your best friend. Dimensions: 11,4 x 15,5 x 4,8 cm

  • Lightweight, non-slip and breathable boots. They are ideal for outdoor activities that can be aggressive towards your dog's paw pads. Can also be used during daily walks and indoors when the dog has injured his paws. Sold in packs of 4.

  • Pool with water jets to refresh your pet in a playful way. Diameter : 150 cm

  • CAT ANTI-SLIP DOUBLE BOWL This non-slip bowl holder is at the ideal height to preserve the vertebral column of your cat. This will make eating more enjoyable to your cat if he suffers from back or neck aches. Removable bowls which can be washed in the dishwasher.

  • Foldable silicone pet bowl ideal to go with you in all your travels. 

  • Product specially designed to get the animals used to carrying out their needs in the places of your choice; 250 ML

  • Dimensions of the bottle : Ø 11 cm Height 23cm Capacity : 250gr approx. For pet foods (depending on the croquette’s density) Bowl : 350ml water – 13 x 5.5cm

  • Adjustable pedestal bowl holder with non-slip pads. Adjustable height: 6 to 44 cm. Available in 3 sizes.

  • Cool and refresh your pet during the summer. Refreshing effect guaranteed without refrigeration. Gel combination cooling mat reduce body temperature to 7°C during 2 to 6 hours. Hand wash only.

  • Circular folding pool. As the pool walls are flexible, this dog pool can be taken along without taking up space. It is made of very resistant PVC, ideal to prevent scratches. The bottom is slip-resistant. Available in 2 sizes.

  • This toy is specially designed to refresh your dog in summer. Simply fill it with water and place it in the freezer for the time it takes to freeze. Once frozen, give this toy to your four-legged friend and he will have a great time while cooling down. TPR composition.

Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items