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Stripping knives and strippers

Mars, Greyhound and Idealdog stripping knives or strippers are the best way to remove dog's dead hair

  • Thin stripping knives

    These stripping knives are ideal for epilating. Choose your model between thin and extra-thin

  • Medium Stripping knives

    Use these stripping knives ton remove dead sub hair on wooly fur's dogs

  • Large stripping knives

    A selection of Coat King, Oster, Mars and Greyhound stripping knives for large breeds dogs

  • Left-handed stripping knives

    All left-handed stripping knives for left-handed are gathered in this category

  • Coat King products
    COAT KING has an ergonomic wooden handle which length has been especially designed to avoid any effort during use and imparting it an excellent balance.
  • Mars products
    Mars trimmers with a wooden handle and made ??in the best steel from Solingen, do not damage the hair during grooming.
  • Magic blade strippers
    Idealdog magic blade strippers have an ergonomic handle and an interesting price
  • Metal trimmer

    Unique metal trimmer with carved end for an easy and fast hair removal.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items