Vaccum Trash



The Sibel makes it easier to sweep floors: your living room stays clean all day long. Simply brush the bristles, dust and dirt to the base of the unit: the infrared sensors will detect debris and operate the vacuum trash. It will turn off automatically when all impurities have been sucked.

More details

The features of the trash can guarantee a reinjection of clean air into the room. A convenient switch turns the unit on and off (manual control is also possible). This unit works perfectly on rough surfaces such as tiles, parquet, vinyl. The perfect accessory for any grooming salon. 

State witness

Auto / off / manual switch

Filter holder

HEPA exhaust filter

1m cable

Infrared sensors


Manual activation switch

Collector (6 liters)

Pre-motor filter (invisible)

Collector's light filled

Height 90 to 96 cm
Width 80 cm
Depth 50 cm
Weight 60 kg
Length 148 cm

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