Black Scissors Wallet



The scissors wallet is ideal for home groomers or dog shows. Light, practical and design, this kit will safely accommodate professional scissors. It is a strong and resistant product that will be preserved for a long time. Thanks to it, your accessories will be protected from shocks and other aggressions.

More details

Apart from the scissors, this scissors wallet can accommodate other small grooming tools (combs, nail clippers, trimmer). Its practicality and its aesthetics make it an accessory of choice for any self-respecting groomer. Availability April 2018.


5 cm

22.8 cm

11.3 cm



-          For scissors and small tools

-          2 zippers

-          2 compartment pouch

-          Colors: black, red and python

-          Optimized organization

-          Practice and design

-          Accessories not included


Close : 27.2 * 13.5 cm

Open : 27.2 * 29 cm


Maintenance tips:

Maintain with a damp cloth

Let it dry

Repeat the operation from time to time

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