Booster Bath grooming bathtub



Booster Bath Bathtub is made of PVC indoor and outdoor UV stabilized, light and resistant, easy U shaped entrance. Its four removable legs with rubber grips make it easy to store when
it's not being used. It includes a 3-point adjustable lead restraint system with adjustable collar that will keep your dog comfortably contained at bath time.

More details

The thick rubberised non-slip mat means no more stressful slipping and sliding. A large shampoo holder and a fan nozzle easy to hook with its on/off dial as well as a directional drain hose are also part of the basic equipment. The fan nozzle will have to be connected to a hose (garden hose) linked to a mixing valve (for temperate water) or to an ordinary tap.

Weight capacity up to 60 kg.

Optional ramp pedestral

Height 80 cm
Width 54 cm
Weight 7.3 kg
Length 114 cm

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