SPA bath tub with door



This pet SPA bathtub is made of ABS plastic, strong and durable for indoor use, suitable for pets of all sizes.
Ideal for large dogs thanks to its door that converts into a ramp. No need to carry the animal, it can go into the bath by itself !

More details

The height of the bathtub is perfect for groomers as they can take care of the animal standing up. No need to bend over.
This bathtub is equipped with two functions, an intense massage function and a gentle air bubble massage function with LED lights on, offering pets a luxurious SPA bath experience.
The functions can be easily selected via a control panel.
The tub has a flat and embossed bottom surface that allows the animal to stand or sit in the bathtub safely.
Two water inlets are available: at through a faucet or a shower head.
A hair catcher basket prevents hair from going down the drain.

Caracteristics :

  • Selector
  • Shower head
  • Hair recuperator

Inner dimensions :

  • Length 148 cm
  • Height 88 cm
  • Width 93 cm

External dimensions :

  • Length 127 cm
  • Height 60 cm
  • Width 55 cm

Capacity :

  • 320 liter of water

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