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  • Stimulate your pet with the Bouncy and Bristle Bone, an interactive chew toy in which candy can be inserted.

  • Petsafe treat-holding dental toy for dog. Nylon bone and rubber ball firmly grip Busy Buddy treat rings to keep dogs motivated to play longer. For dogs 10 to 50 lbs. and over 6 months. 3 models available (see details)

  • Petsafe treat-holding dental toy for dog. The durable nylon bristles and rubber nubs on the Busy Buddy Bristle Bone provide dogs with a stimulating chewing surface. Treat ring refills reward good chewing behavior to encourage longer playtime. For dogs over 6 months. 2 models available (see details)

  • Petsafe dog toy that Can be filled out with candies and treats thanks to its both adjustable edges.  Makes a chuckle sound when shaken back and forth. See "Features" tab for dimensions.

  • Petsafe food dispenser toy for dog. Distributor with two parts in natural rubber. Can be filled out, this toy is adjustable and can adapt itself to each animal interested capacity. 4 different sizes (see details).

  • Petsafe food dispenser toy for cat. The opening located at the bottom of the toy allows to fill it out and to distribute candies. Dimensions : L. 7 x l. 7 x h. 5 cm - 30 gr

  • The barking of your dog triggers a jet that is sprayed to dissuade him from barking. Naturak and 100% safe. For dogs of all sizes. 

  • The No-Bark collar has a microphone which detects barking and automatically emits either a sound or a vibration to interrupt the dog’s barking. No-Bark Collars are a low cost choice compared to alternative spray training collars.

  • The comfortable EasySport harness is fully adjustable and padded throughout. The elasticized neckline allows for a cozy fit, and the two quick snap bucles make the harness easy to get get on and off. The top handle provides an extra degree of safety when you need to control your dog quickly.

  • When a barking dog is in the area covered by the Petsafe Bark Control System, an international microphone picks up the sound. The device then automatically emits audible ultrasounds for dogs, but inaudible to most humans.

  • Your microchip has been designed to allow your cat easy access to the outside world while keeping other cats and pets out of the home. It works by reading the number of the electronic chip without the need for a collar or accessory.

  • You can put the penguin in the freezer. This snowflake model will help maintain the ice or treat.

Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items