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  • Professional grooming clipper with 2 speeds, intended for an intensive and continuous use. Its power (45 W), lightness and ergonomy make it extremely efficient. Delivered with one No. 10 blade. 3 m power cable.

  • Professional finishing trimmer that works on battery or sector. Silent and powerful. Lithium-integrated battery Autonomy up to 90 minutes and ultra-fast charging (60 minutes). Comes with a stainless steel clipper and adjustable from 0.7mm to 3 mm (not sharpenable). Weight : 300g

  • The KM5 clipper delivers maximum performance, increased power and torque and extended durability with essentially no maintenance. Delivered with one N°10 Ultimate Competition Series

  • Wahl Super Trim cordless trimmer. This lightweight (only 130g) and handy trimmer provides a fine cut Deliver with cutting head and charging station

  • Tête de coupe pour tondeuse BRAVURA de haute précision avec revêtement carbone très longue durée, extrême dureté et surface ultra résistante à l’usure. Ses propriétés sont similaires au diamant. Possède un système de changement rapide et un réglage de la longueur de coupe de 0,7 à 3mm. Facile d’entretien.

  • Blade for high precision VETIVA MINI clipper with very long-lasting carbon coating, extreme hardness and ultra wear-resistant surface. Its properties are similar to diamond. Has a change system and a cutting length of 0.4mm. Easy to maintain and water rinsable.

  • Tondeuse de finition professionnelle ultra légère avec 2 packs de batterie et technologie lithium ! Puissant moteur DC 53000 tr/mn avec régulation automatique de la vitesse pour une puissance de coupe constante quel que soit le niveau de batterie ou la structure du pelage.

  • Wahl stainless steel blade combs. 8 blade combs lot : 3, 6, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25mm Compatible with combs  for Moser 1400, Rex 1230, Arco 1854 ans Super Groom clippers.

  • Durable, efficient Li-Ion-batteries without memory effect. Up to 75 minutes run time, 45 minutes super quick charge! Cord or cordless operation avalaible. Professionnal, high-grade steel blade set "Made in Germany" with 0,4 mm cutting length. Closed back eases cleaning. Easy detachable with only one click. One piece tube housing for extended comfort and...

  • Wahl Stainless steel balde combs - 3mm Compatible blade combs: wahl Km2 - Km5 - Km10, Moser 1245, Andis Pro. Ideal use with blades n°30 and n°10.

  • The KM10 clipper features the revolutionary performance of a BRUSHLESS motor life of greater than 10,000 hours offering the maximum in power and torque with the utmost dependability a professional clipper can deliver. Delivered wiith one N°10 Utimate Competition Series Detachable Blade, Blade Oil, Cleaning Brush and Instruction Book.

  • Oster high quality blade for grooming clipper - Clip system. Cut height : 10 mm

Showing 1 - 12 of 35 items