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  • .The KONG Connects Teaser’s flying feather mill has everything to satisfy the hunting instincts of adventurous cats looking for variety.  Dimension : 53 cm Weight : 24 g

  • The crackling of the KONG Crackles Gulpz toy and the shiny fabric covering its body awaken your cat’s natural hunting instincts. Attached to a rubber band, this noisy fly is, in itself, a reward for the games of natural bounces and its tail and thin fluffy wings inspires to fight. Present in the toy, the top quality KONG North American cat grass takes...

  • The KONG Cat Occasions Birthday Teddy toy facilitates party occasions. Small and light, it invites kittens to play thanks to its crackling that awaken the instincts of kicking paws.  Dimension : 17.5 cm Weight : 18 g 

  • Combining 3 toys in 1, the KONG Pull A Partz Yarnz toy invites kittens to dismantle playful pleasure, which satisfies their hunting instincts.  Dimension : 12.5 cm Weight : 17 g

  • The KONG Pull-A-Partz Purrito toy is two toys for the price of one. It is designed to attract and satisfy your cat’s natural hunting instincts.  Dimension : 14 cm Weight : 21 g

  • The unique shape of KONG Flingeroos is designed to meet the needs of wrestling game.  Dimension : 25.4 cm Weight : 18 g 

  • The KONG Teaser Loopz toy offers an extra-long wand and a soft wool thread ring that satisfy hunting and capturing instincts.  Dimension : 66 cm Weight : 32 g 

  • The KONG Wrangler AvoCATo toy satisfies your cat’s appetite, its curved shapeand its extremely soft body encourages a healthy fighting game. Dimension : 7.5 x 7.5 cm Weight : 26 g

  • The rabbit KONG Snuzzles is a fun and meaty toy. All parts of his body emit intense and prolonged squeaking.  Dimension : 24 cm Weight : 156 g

  • The KONG Signature Dual Knot Rope is a unique braid made of cotton and fleece fabric for your dog’s enjoyment,Your dog can stretch it without hurting himself. Dimension : 107.5 cm Weight : 431 g

  • The KONG Signature Double Tug Rope is twice as much fun for your dog. Its unique braid is made of cotton and fleece for ypur dog's joy, who can stretch it at will without hurting himself. Dimension : 58 cm Weight : 442 g

  • The koala KONG Snuzzles is a fun and meaty toy. All parts of his body emit intense and prolonged squeaking. Dimension : 22 cm Weight : 150 g

Showing 1 - 12 of 144 items