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Ropes and knots

Ropes and knots are two of the favorite dog toys. they also help to remove tartar
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  • This TPR rope toy has two tight knots that will give your dog the urge to bite in for hours. He will not want to leave it anymore. With this rope toy two knots, you give him many moments of pleasure and fun while sharpening his curiosity.

  • Very durable toy and made of 100% cotton rope. Has a big knot and two small ones on each side of the toy. It will also attract your dog! 20 cm.

  • Dog toy made of rope, ball form Ø 85 mm, Length: 43 cm, 230g.

  • Dog toy made of rope with handle. Length: 37 cm

  • Dog toy, ball made of intertwined rope.  3 different sizes : small (ref O0445), medium (O0446), large (ref O0447). See details for dimensions

  • Dog toy made of rope with 2 knots.  3 different sizes : small (length 22cm / ref O0440), medium (length 28 cm / O0441), large (length 33 cm / ref O0442)

Showing 13 - 18 of 18 items