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  • Aesculap Exacta trimmerThe Aesculap Exacta trimmer has a 24mm wide blade and is ideal for intricate clipping around faces, ears, feet, etc.  It will clip for 40 minutes on a charge and takes 4 hours to recharge from empty.  220 volts. Please note this comes with a UK Plug.

  • Specifications: – Operates with cable – 1 speed: 2400rpm – Weight: 530g – Device length: 19cm The kit includes: 1x machine without blade*, 1x charger, 1x disinfecting spray, 1x lubricant oil *You can select and purchase the appropriate blade for Your Aesculap machine from section Accessories in category Professional hairdressing

  • Dog clipper - Aesculap Favorita 5 - GT105 - pro clipper FAV 5 

  • The Aesculap Akkurata trimmer has a 40mm wide blade which adjusts from 0. 5mm to 2.5 mm and eliminates the need for changing blades on your regular clippers. The blade has 3 adjustable sizes which are 0.5 mm 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm. It will clip for 50 minutes on a charge and takes 2 hours to recharge from empty.

  • Aesculap Favorita Speed Corded Clipper High quality, powerful professional grooming clipper Super-fast speed Ergonomic, well-balanced design Five metre cable 650g Blade oil and hard carry case included Cutter head not included Three-year warranty on clipper

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items