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Bones Structure Joint

Gives mobility and vitality back

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  • Natural product with organic ingredients. Intends to stabilize and regenerate cartilage, tendons and ligaments thanks to the Glycosaminoglycan; Gives mobility and vitality back. Reinforces endurance and dynamic jumps.

  • Recommended for dogs with a limp or following intenses exercises like running, agility or hunting. Take the treatment once or twice in a row and obtain ease and mobility. Can also be used by elder dogs with rheumatic pain and articlar rheumatism. Around 90 tablets.

  • Contain 24% of calcium, 8% of phosphorus and minerals (ZINC, IRON, MANGANESE, IODINE, COPPER, SELENIUM). Vitamins free. The growing calcium regulates the deficiencies due to an excessive intake of vitamins. From 6 to 24 months. Growing calcium ensures an optimal and balances development of the skeleton and healthy teeth. 

  • 300 000 mcg of Biotine (h vitamin) per kg. Tablets made for small and medium breeds, young dogs and cats for a regular use.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items