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Find in this category all professional grooming shampoos and conditioners, for every breeds of dogs and cats.

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  • Professional dog shampoo based on kiwi extract. Available in 250ml (K2005), 1L (K2010), 5L (K2020) or 20L bottle (K2030). Gives volume and elasticity. Paraben free. The formula, enriched with cornflower extract, helps to wash out yellowish stains and restores the brightness of white coats.

  • Professional concentrated grooming shampoo based on tea tree oil extract. Available in 250ml (K0111), 5L (K0051). Flea and tick repellent. Dilution 1/4. Its gentle formula cleans thoroughly and softens the skin.The tea tree oil (Melaleuca oil) is a natural insect repellent for dogs and cats.

  • Professional concentrated grooming conditioner based on wheat germ extract. Available in 250ml, 5L. For dogs and cats. All coat conditioner. Dilution 1/4. This conditioner, made from wheat germ oil, detangles, nourishes and gives shine to all kind of coat.

  • Professional cat shampoo based on argan oil. Available in 250ml (K6805), 1L (K6815) and 5L bottle (K6820). Prevents dehydration by keeping the moisture within the hair. Paraben free. Designed for cats, especially those with a sumptuous coat, this shampoo represents a very soft-operating cleanser.

  • Designed for puppies, this shampoo combines the properties of hop, wheat and cornflowers to revitalize their coat.  Available in 250ml (K7005) and 1L bottle (K7015). Paraben free. Extra sweet For puppy. The cleansing nourishes and fortifies their hair and prevents them from dehydration.

  • This grooming dry shampoo is ideal for dogs and cats that cannot be bathed, this lotion softly cleanses hair without rinsing. Soft cleanser. Paraben Free. Available in 250ml spray and 1 liter bottle.

  • Made of metal, the display will enable you to present 18 shampoos and 6 sprays, that is to say 9 different references. Counter display or wall-mounted. SOLD EMPTY.

  • Distribution Pump. 2 sizes : For 5L bottle : D0051 For 20L bottle : D0058

  • Professional dog shampoo based on passion fruit extract. Available in 250ml (K2040), 1L (K2045), 5L (K2055) or 20L bottle (K2065). Gives strength and softness. Paraben free. Extract of Passion fruit nourishes and regenerates damaged hair fibres without greasing and weighing them down.

  • Professional dog shampoo based enriched in protein. Available in 250ml (K3005), 1L (K3015), 5L (K3020) or 20L bottle (K3030). Nourishes and softens your pet’s coat. Paraben free. Designed to remove all kinds of dirt without being harsh to the skin, this shampoo is the ideal product for frequent use.

  • Professional concentrated grooming white shampoo based on burdock and thuja extracts. Available in 250ml (K0116), 5L (K0056) or 20L bottle (K0096). For dogs and cats with white coat. Give shiny coat. Dilution 1/4. Specially formulated for white coat, this shampoo made from burdock and thuja extracts, is suitable for dogs and cats.

  • Professional grooming conditioner based on apple extract. Available in 250ml (K2215), 1L (K2220) and 5L bottle (K2230) Gives tone and brilliance. Paraben free. Enriched with the essential vitamins C and E, this silky shine conditioner with apple extract replenishes your pet’s hair,

Showing 1 - 12 of 86 items