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P rofess i onal equ i pment 34 ® STAINLESS STEEL BATHTUBS Q U A L I T Y S E L E C T I O N Sold in option STAINLESS STEEL BATHTUB WITH ELECTRICAL FRAME Material delivered unassembled. The assembly and con- nection to inlets and draining must be carried out by a qualified professional. The back panel and side panels must be installed after having inserted a clear silicon cordon for sanitary purposes. The arm on the top is equipped with 2 sliding rings which enable you to keep the animal in place while washing . A complete plumbing system is installed into the side panel  : - a single-unit faucet with male connectors 15/21 - a shower head with a base unit and 1.60m hose - soap or shampoo holder A fixed connector enables you to attach a water-blower (to be in- stalled on the outside of the bath) to a hose (option A1831) in order to dry directly in the bathtub. The draining system (Ø 45mm) on the right-hand side of the bath is equipped with a strainer which catches the hair and does not obstruct the pipeline. It is recommended that you unscrew slight- ly the thumbscrews on the left-hand side so that the bathtub is on a slight slope. Evacuation at 16cm from the ground . A 4-part foot mat prevents slipping and lets the animal dry easily. The X-shaped frame , with a very low voltage electric motor con- trolled by a waterproof foot remote control can be adjusted between 35 and 70 cm, which gives easy access to the bathtub and en- sures an ideal working height. The side sliding door makes it easier for the animals to get into the bathtub when it is in low position. MAINTENANCE: The stainless steel can undergo a located corrosion pulling a corrosion by sting. Those particles of pollution (metallic dusts) can be present accidentally on the bathtub and form some rust in moist environment. In the kit of maintenance, the cleaning buffer allows to eliminate those spots of rust and the spray Quick Inox put down an antistatic and hydro protective film. Clean : use a non-abrasive soft pad which is reference C0047. Arm with 2 mobile rings Front sliding door on both models Stainless steel plug hole and basket included BATHTUBS EQUIPPED WITH A MIXER TAP A SHOWER HEAD AND A SOAP OR SHAMPOO HOLDER (These accessories are not subject to warranty) STAINLESS OUTLET WITH SHORT THREAD Join furnished Outside width :129 cm Sold in option Internal depth: 60 cm External depth: 69 cm Inside width : 121 cm 49 cm Sliding door 44 cm 1 m 35 to 70 cm The height can be adjusted using the electrical frame powered by a manual waterproof remote control. Hand control Foot control reference description A 1839 Stainless steel bathtub with electric frame A 1835 Floor mat - 30 x 60 cm Photos for illustration purposes only - Copy, even partial, is strictly forbidden This page is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sales published at the end of the export price list. All our prices are shown before tax - General catalogue reserved for professionals