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P rofess i onal equ i pment 33 ® BATHTUB ACCESSORIES ECONOMIC ECOLOGIC Width: 1,20 m Easily adjustable reference description C 0047 Silicon free reference description A 0048 Economy power shower head reference description E 0070 Polyester bag reference description A 0047 Flexible 1.75 m STAR reference description A 0328 Width: 1,20 m SPARE HOSE Spare hose for Sirocco , Zephir and Alize , can be used on bath- tubs A 1839 and A 1836 From 1,10 m to 2,10 m STAR reference description A 1831 From 1,10 m to 2,10 m A 1831 Manchon adaptateur pour Sonora-Harmattan HAND-RAIL STAR reference description A 1875 Hand-rail PVC bath - h. min : 16 cm / h. max. : 35 cm STAR reference description A 1868 Ramp for A1867 FINE MESH FLOOR MAT A floor mat for the bottom of the bath is essential for grooming small breeds as their paws could get trapped in the holes on the floor of the bathtub. ECONOMY POWER SHOWER HEAD You can save up to 50% water and keep a constant pressure and temperature WITH A SIMPLE PRESS OF THE THUMB. Easy to mount and replace from original shower QUICK INOX By laying a water repulsive and antistatic film QUICK INOX brings back original shine, wipes out stains and dust and other splatters. Eliminates water and chalky traces and prevents from their deposit. Silicon free Smooth smell "CAT BAG" To wash your cat, use the Cat Bag! This bag in light polyester allows to pass the water and the shampoo. The cat slides easily in the bag thanks to a wide opening. You can adjust the bag at the level of the collar. The cat, which is completely in the bag, can move but cannot scratch you. The drying is faster and easier because the Cat Bag does not keep the water. He can be also used for small dogs, rabbits and other small animals. Beware: never leave unsupervised an animal in the Cat Bag. BATHTUB RAMP FOR A1867 The optional non-slip ramp is recommended for larger breeds so they can enter and exit the bath easily. 7 cm 90 cm 38 cm 16 cm 75 cm 45 cm 35 cm CHROME FLEXIBLE SILVERFLEX The 1.75m smooth PVC gray metal hose is contemporary and easy to maintain. In addition, it is equipped with a rotating nut thus avoiding twisting of the hose. Photos for illustration purposes only - Copy, even partial, is strictly forbidden This page is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sales published at the end of the export price list. All our prices are shown before tax - General catalogue reserved for professionals