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B edd i ngs and carr i ers STAR reference size description L 0525 S L. 78 x w. 50 x h. 50 cm L 0526 M L. 88 x w. 59 x h. 60 cm L 0527 L L. 99 x w. 69 x h. 70 cm ISOLATION ISOLATION INSECT REPELLENT INSECT REPELLENT RESISTANT MATERIAL RESISTANT MATERIAL WATERPROOF WATERPROOF GARDEN ® KENNELS Non-porous material that prevents flea infestations. easily removable for an easy cleaning. The roof and the base can be interlocked all in all. Adjustable ventilation grid in the rear of the roof. GARDEN ® KENNELS 3 SIZES EXCELLENT THERMAL ISOLATION Non-porous material that avoids infestations by fleas. Easily removable for easy cleaning. Base and roof interlocking one inside the other. Adjustable ventilation grille at the rear of the roof PET BARN KENNELS III PET BARN KENNELS reference size description L 0470 S Length 65 x Width 53 cm x Heigh 51 cm L 0471 M Length 70 x Width 62 cm x Heigh 60 cm L 0472 L Length 85 x Width 70 cm x Heigh 75 cm Photos for illustration purposes only - Copy, even partial, is strictly forbidden This page is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sales published at the end of the export price list. All our prices are shown before tax - General catalogue reserved for professionals 314