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T ra i n i ng , B reeder , and F ood S upplement For an optimal result, we recommend a treatment of 4 or 6 weeks (minimum). FOOD SUPPLEMENTS ARTHROFLEX Natural product with organic ingredients. Intends to stabilize and regenerate cartilage, tendons and ligaments thanks to the GLYCOSAMINOGLYCAN. Gives mobility and vitality back. Reinforces endurance and dynamic jumps. B O N E S S T R U C T U R E - J O I N T OSTEO-ARTICULAR Recommended for dogs with a limp or following intenses exercices like run- ning, agility or hunting. Take the treatment once or twice in a row and obtain ease and mobility. Can also be used by elder dogs with rheumatic pain and articular rheumatism. Animal Tab/Day Till 15 kg 1 From 16 kg 2 à 4 TABLETS FOR DOGS Animal Tab/Day Puppy 1 Dog 1/10kg TABLETS FOR DOGS G R O W I N G C A L C I U M GROWING CALCIUM (Junior) Contain 24% of calcium, 8% of phosphorus and minerals (ZINC, IRON, MANGANESE, IODINE, COPPER, COBALT, SELENIUM). Vitamins free. The growing calcium regulates the deficiencies due to an excessive intake of vitamins . From 6 to 24 months, Growing Calcium ensures an optimal and balanced development of the skeleton and healthy teeth. MINI TABLETS FOR YOUNG DOGS Animal Tab/day Till 5 kg 1 Till 10 kg 2 Till 20 kg 5 More than 20 kg 10 à 15 Do not exceed the stated dose Help your animal to feel better thanks to food supplements STAR reference description D 0588 Around 1 000 mini tablets - 1 kg STAR reference description D 0586 Around 90 tablets - 90 g STAR reference description D 0582 Around 90 tablets - 90 g Photos for illustration purposes only - Copy, even partial, is strictly forbidden This page is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sales published at the end of the export price list. All our prices are shown before tax - General catalogue reserved for professionals 252