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C osmet i c KHARA S P E C I F I C S H A M P O O S PROTEIN SHAMPOO Natural protein-based professional shampoo for frequent use. Cleans in depth without damaging the coat. reference description K 1001 250 ml K 1003 1 L K 1005 5 L K 1006 20 L THICKENING 3 IN 1 This orchid flower and silk protein-based shampoo specially suits coats requiring volume. reference description K 1011 250 ml K 1013 1 L HARD COAT SHAMPOO (LEMON) This shampoo is a coat-stiffener and does not soften the hair. It removes oil excess and leaves a pleasant scent. Specially developed for very rough-coa- ted dogs. reference description K 1021 250 ml K 1023 1 L K 1025 5 L AVOCADO MINK SHAMPOO It efficiently fights coat's drying, nourishes and prevents matting. reference description K 1031 250 ml K 1033 1 L K 1035 5 L reference description K 1041 250 ml K 1043 1 L K 1045 5 L reference description K 1051 250 ml K 1053 1 L K 1055 5 L JOJOBA SHAMPOO It efficiently fights coat's drying, streng- thens and nourishes the hair and prevents matting. CONDITIONER 3 IN 1 Plant and oil-based sweet-almond it faci- litates daily care and long-coat untangling. reference description K 1061 250 ml K 1063 1 L K 1065 5 L reference description K 1081 250 ml K 1083 1 L K 1085 5 L ANTI-ITCHING SHAMPOO Anti-itching shampoo with cade oil and natural proteins. It efficiently eliminates dandruff and cleanses the skin. INSECT REPELLENT SHAMPOO Pyrethrum flower-based, this shampoo effectively enables dogs to get rid of fleas and ticks. STAR reference description D 0051 Pump 5 L D 0053 Pump 5 ou 10 L D 0058 Pump 20 L PUMPS Compatible with 5L, 10 L, 20 L bottles. Pump 5 L Pump 5 or 10 L Pump 20 L R Photos for illustration purposes only - Copy, even partial, is strictly forbidden This page is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sales published at the end of the export price list. All our prices are shown before tax - General catalogue reserved for professionals 174