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G room i ng tools BAMBOO STICKS – 50 UNITS BambooStick ® is a large cotton stick specially designed for dogs ears care. It is currently the most efficient solution to heal and protect your dogs ears. reference description C 0409 S-M - 120 mm - Ø 6 mm C 0419 L-XL - 150 mm - Ø 8 mm CURVED EAR SCISSORS STAR reference description B 0239 16 cm PROFESSIONAL EAR CLIP STAR reference description B 0220 14,7 cm THE ESSENTIALS Locking device reference description B 0210 14 cm Q U A L I T Y S E L E C T I O N GERMANY EAR SCISSORS WITH LOCKING DEVICE Its locking device enables the holding of hair . PLASTIC TICK HOOK • prevent illnesses transmission • take of the ticks' head which reduce infection • no risk of spreading onto the skin and into the hair. TICK HOOKS Set of 2 tick hooks in plastic 48 mm and 63 mm. reference description B 0175 2 hooks reference description B 0176 11 cm COLOURING STICKS FOR HAIRS Coloured wax sticks, similar to lipstick, available in black and white . Specially designed to cover marks on any type of hair , in particular under the eyes. Also protects the hair by forming around it a protective barrier that helps to prevent from discolouration . reference description C 0435 Black C 0436 White OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: Soak a cotton pad and softly clean the eye contour while paying attention to lachrymal canals. Use a clean cotton pad for each eye. DIAMOND EYE VITACOAT Removes yellow marks around dogs' eyes. reference description C 0417 125 ml C 0418 250 ml NO MORE TEARS (FOR EYES) This eye cleaner fits for complete care of eyes and their keylines . It prevents watery eyes problems and cures light inflamma- tions of lachrymal canal . reference description C 0425 200 ml C0428 1 L bottle STAR PINK BLUE description C 0470 C 0471 5 m x 4,5 cm C 0480 C 0481 7,5 m x 4,5 cm COHESIVE STRIPS Hydrophobic elastic to restraint and maintain. Only sticks on itself and not onto the hair. Do not slide. Easy to use even in delicate zones. Sellotape strip. Also use to protect the dog's hair for the exhibition. Photos for illustration purposes only - Copy, even partial, is strictly forbidden This page is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sales published at the end of the export price list. All our prices are shown before tax - General catalogue reserved for professionals 146