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P rofess i onal equ i pment G om i ng tools STAR reference n° description B 0651 7 Small 4,6 cm B 0652 8 Medium 6,6 cm B 0653 9 Large 8,2 cm B 0654 10 Extra-large 9,8 cm STAR reference description B 0672 10,5 cm STAR reference description B 0624 Mat splitter Products packaged in blister ERGONOMIC DETANGLING COMBS 4,6 cm 6,6 cm 8,2 cm MASSAGE BRUSH (MULTI-USE) This multi-use massage brush with its non-slip ergonomic handle removes all dead hair. It also stimulates the skin and healthy hair growth. Fits for short hair dogs (boxer, doberman, pointer, etc). MAT SPLITTER 9,8 cm STAINLESS STEEL DETANGLING COMB 7 8 9 10 Produits de Toilettage DÉMÊLOIRSMALL B0651 LARGEUR : 4,6 CM Manche anti-dérapant -Acier inoxydable ESCARPIDOR PEQUENO ANCHURA : 4,6 CM Manga antideslizante -Acero inoxidable SMALLDESHEDDING COMB WIDTH : 4,6 CM Non-slip handle - Stainless steel Non-slip ergonomic handle 10,5 cm Dog Weight Produits de Toilettage MANCHE ERGONOMIQUEANTIDÉRAPANT - PICOTS SOUPLES Pour chiens, chats& petits animaux CEPILLODEMASAJEMULTIUSO MANGAERGONÓMICAANTIDESLIZANTE -PÚASFLEXIBLES Para gatos, perros y pequeños animales MULTIUSEMASSAGE BRUSH ERGONOMICNON-SLIPHANDLE - SOFT PINS For dogs, cats and all small animals B0672 BROSSEDEMASSAGE MULTI-USAGE B0624 Idéal pour ôter les nœuds CORTANUDO - Ideal por quitar los nudos HAIR STRIPPER - Ideal to get rid ofmats COUPENŒUD Accessoires 7 cm 2,8 cm 1 16,5 cm MAGIC RAKE COMBS - 13 OR 20 TEETH 16,5 cm 9,5 cm 2,2 cm 2 STAR reference n° description B 0618 1 13 rotating and retractable teeth B 0620 2 20 rotating and retractable teeth Ergonomic non-slip handle B0618 Produits de Toilettage 13DENTS LONGUES,ROTATIVES ETRÉTRACTABLES Manche anti-dérapant - Pour chiens& chats RASQUETAMAGICA 13DIENTES LARGOS,ROTATIVOSYRETRACTABLES Manga antideslizante - Para gatos y perros MAGICRAKE COMB 13 LONGROTATINGANDRETRACTABLE TEETH Non-slip handable -For dogs and cats ÉTRILLE MAGIQUE Non-slip ergonomic handle Photos for illustration purposes only - Copy, even partial, is strictly forbidden This page is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sales published at the end of the export price list. All our prices are shown before tax - General catalogue reserved for professionals 125